Remote Site Management

We are witnessing a rapid growth in the number of ATMs deployed by both private and public sector banks. Increased ATMs lead to increased complexity in maximizing the availability of ATMs for the customer transactions such as Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, and Funds Transfer etc. Downtime due to any reason directly impacts the revenue of every stakeholder in the immediate terms and possible loss of customers in future. Hence the management of site infrastructure to keep the site up and running in all aspects is the basic requirement to be in the marketplace.
ATM sites deploy a number of support devices / appliances to keep the site up and running. This requires periodical visits by designated personnel, auditing and triggering of activities to repair/maintain faulty equipment(s)/device(s) and restore them to order. At times some of the sites are not audited at the required intervals and the inability to ensure visits by personnel operating at remote sites result in increased downtimes and often face the wrath of the customers and the bank. To overcome the above scenarios and to reassure presence of personnel at scheduled times, Thinkprise offers a mobile based solution to manage and monitor the ATM Sites in an effective manner so that the stake holder interests are protected in terms of increased availability of ATMs.



Simply Manage

A Cloud based workforce and Remote site management system used to assign, track and monitor the field personnel using Smart device


ATM Registration

Every ATM needs to be registered one-time from the actual ATM site with the Mobile App Module. The application stores ATM-ID along with the LATITUDE and LONGITUDE and stores the registration details in an encrypted format

Site Visit Validation using Latitude and Longitude

On visiting the site, the engineer has to authenticate his physical presence at the ATM by scanning the QR code. Only if the ATM id matches with the location coordinates, the mobile app will enable the site engineer to fill out prescribed service checklist form and submit.

Site Status Update

The service check list form takes the site engineer through a series of easy – to – use screens to collect the various maintenance attributes. Post updation of the check list the same automatically sent to central system.

Site photo Upload and management

The service form also takes the site engineer through a photo upload wizard. The site engineer shall have options to review the photos and redo if required. The uploaded photos are made available on the server for easy retrieval.

Site Status Monitoring and Alert Management

The system provides the ability to configure alerts based on specific inputs by the site engineer. For example, rules such as IF (ATM Status == Not working) then send alerts to recipients via email /SMS with relevant information

Visit Reports

A convenient admin interface is provided to filter site visit details by day, city, state etc

Ad-hoc Task Assignment

A map view of ATM locations and Site engineers’ location is provided. At a given point, the operational controller will have better visibility on who would be the right site engineer to be assigned an ad-hoc / emergency task.

Site Sourcing Workflow

This module allows capturing of new site parameters and the site photos and triggers a workflow for the approval of the same with relevant teams/personnel.